Paya Inc. is a Canadian based company that is currently owned and operates:

Paya inc. was founded in 2008 in Toronto, Ontario and has become a market leader by focusing on Great Tasting, High Quality, Well Priced and most importantly Healthy products.

  • Our brands have become synonymous with these qualities and have placed us at the forefront of the foodservice and retail industries.
  • Through detailed analysis and research, Paya inc. has obtained a deep understanding of the relationship between the food industry and commodity markets.
  • Our distributors and retailers use this knowledge to develop strong programs focused on the specific needs of their consumers. This understanding results in strong sales and profits.
  • Paya inc. houses an innovative and seasoned group of marketing and distributing professionals with experience handling the needs of a variety of clients which has resulted in becoming a leading supplier of our products to the retail and wholesale markets.